Our Principle

We believe that quality begets quality-happy employees make for happier customers. Employees who are driven with loyalty and enthusiasm make up for the best man power which can provide opportunities for career growth and development by fostering company commitment and teamwork in caring for our patients. These values help our employees to imbibe pride and satisfaction in their careers of choice. In return, our employees also receive generous compensation packages and equitable benefits of their service.

Employee Compensation & Benefits

Our employees are the assets of the company, as our assets, we give them what they rightfully deserve. Guided by the labor law of the United Arab Emirates, we offer a very competitive salary package along with the following wide-range of benefits.•

  • Medical Health Insurance
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Professional indemnity
  • Free and comfortable transportation
  • Annual leave 30 Calendar months’ employment
  • Regular Over time payment.
  • Other legal benefits as per UAE labor law

Why choose us?

We treat our carers like family. Because they are, after all, looking after yours